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Pregnancy support

You do not need to face this alone. 

Finding yourself struggling in pregnancy? We offer to follow up with you throughout your pregnancy, so you always have a place to talk and process emotions and challenges as they come. Our clients receive the following support: 

  • A safe space talk.

  • A volunteer Doula that offers pre-natal, labour & delivery, and post-partum support services to help you navigate the health care system and empower you.

  • A network of resources to help you overcome your challenges. 

  • A community of parents that can become your village supporting you as you become a parent. 

  • ​Material support in the form of clothing, formula, and diapers. Discounts are also available to clients to the Boutique Encore in Lennoxville. 

You can come to your appointment alone, with your partner or with a friend. 

We also offer emotional support to men or loved ones who are facing challenges related to a pregnancy. 

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