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Our Mission

Options is a non-political local Christian ministry located in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We exist to:

1. Encourage, empower and equip those impacted by any pregnancy related struggle through personalized emotional and practical support, regardless their lifestyle or choices.

2. Proactively engage and equip the local Church to address the issues of unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and other related topics with grace and compassion.

Our Vision

Our vision is that:

1. Every person in our community impacted by a pregnancy related struggle would encounter genuine support and authentic hope.

2. That, for anyone facing these challenges, the Church becomes a safe place to turn to for spiritual, emotional and physical support.

Our approach

We are an non-political Christian organisation that offers holistic support services to the whole community because we care about the well-being of women and their loved ones who are facing pregnancy related struggles, and we believe that equipping and supporting new mothers is the best way to ensure the well being of children in our community. Whether planned or unplanned, many people facing pregnancy challenges do not have a safe place to work through or process their experience. Our goal is to offer hope, care and practical solutions to address the obstacles our clients bring up. We have a client-led approach and do not pressure clients into any conversation or decision that they are uncomfortable with. We offer ongoing support and care to all our clients no matter their worldview, their circumstances or their decisions. We are 100% community funded.

We are a small team of part-time staff and volunteers, and we work hand in hand with a few local pregnancy doulas, post-partum doulas, and community organisations. At any given time, our team may be accompanying a dozen women or so, and most of our clients receive ongoing support, often spanning a year or more. 

Some of our clients are awaiting their first child and are receiving material support and regular visits from one of our volunteer doulas. Some clients are facing a difficult pregnancy decision and need to talk things through and access decision making tools and information. Some may be dealing with a peri-natal loss or working through a past abortion decision. Some may be trying to juggle their existing family obligations with the care of an unexpected 5th or 6th child and need practical help such as meals or referral to a local food bank. Some are newcomers to Canada and need help navigating the medical system and accessing pregnancy care. Some are concerned family members or friends trying to find resources for a loved one or seeking to come to terms with a loved-one's decision. 

Each person who walks through our doors receives personalized care and attention, tailored to their unique situation. When our volunteer photographer is available, our clients receive a free pregnancy and baby photoshoot; something that many families forego when they are experiencing pregnancy related struggle or lack of support.

All our services are 100% free.

Limitations of Service

Options Pregnancy Centre Lennoxville is not a medical facility, a laboratory, nor an adoption agency. Some of our staff and volunteers hold degrees in nursing, psychology, medicine, or social work, however they are not acting in this professional capacity while at Options. The support given at Options is not intended as a substitute for professional counselling or medical care. We offer information, emotional support, and practical help to help our clients make informed decisions in a pressure-free environment.

OPCL is not a medical facility and as such does not recommend, arrange, or refer clients for abortions. When a client decides to terminate a pregnancy, we will recommend that she speak to her physician and, if she needs it, help her to access a medical clinic. We will offer her ongoing emotional care.

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