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It may seem like the end of the world. It's not, and we are here to help.

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* Options Pregnancy Centre Lennoxville is not a medical facility, a laboratory, nor an adoption agency. We are a Christian organisation that offers holistic support services to the whole community because we care about the well-being of women and their loved ones who are facing pregnancy related struggles. Many people facing pregnancy challenges do not have a safe place to work through or process their experience. Our goal is to offer hope, care and practical solutions to address the obstacles our clients bring up. We have a client-led approach and do not pressure clients into any conversation or decision that they are uncomfortable with. We offer ongoing support and care to all our clients no matter their worldview, their circumstances or their decisions.

All our services are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and available in French or English.

Here for you.

Options Pregnancy Centre is a non-profit organization that provides confidential services free of charge to anyone dealing with a pregnancy related struggle.

We offer practical, material and emotional support to women, and their loved ones, facing an unplanned or stressful pregnancy. Because everybody should have a safe place and a support system during this challenging time, and beyond.

We offer one-time or ongoing peer support in a non-judgmental, pressure-free atmosphere. 

Here, you can get accurate information, resources, and care, to encourage and empower you to make informed pregnancy choices.

This is a safe place to talk things through.

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