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All our services are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and available in French or English.

She's pregnant. Now what?

If you are reading this, then a pregnancy was probably not on the radar for either of you... But even if it was, this can be a challenging and confusing time for you both. 

She probably needs support, and so do you. We are not just here for her, we can meet with you one-to-one.

The final decision may be her's, but it's not only her responsibility. You have a very important role to play and resources are available to help you along the way.

Let's talk!

What if my daughter is pregnant?

We all want what's best for our children, and this may not be what you had in mind…. whether you want her to carry to term or not, you may feel very powerless and misunderstood. 

She needs you now more than ever, and perhaps you need support too. We can help you navigate this difficult journey.

This kind of stressful and emotional event can sometimes lead to arguments and broken relationships. 

If you need someone to help you sort through the emotions, find the right words and problem-solve, 

please reach out!

How can I help my friend?

Being a friend means being there through the difficult times as well as the fun times. 

You shouldn't make a decision for her, but your role is instrumental. Whatever she chooses, she will need a caring friend by her side.

To do this she needs to get information on all of her options. She will need access to services, resources and most importantly, a supportive community. You can’t do it all for her, but you have an important role. Help her get the help she needs.

Contact us.

We provide accurate information on all options; we are not a medical clinic, a laboratory, or an adoption agency,

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